Wednesday 14 April 2010

protobuf-net / VS2010 (and writing VS2010 packages)

With the release of VS2010, I was torn – between:

  • re-releasing the current VS add-in (for protobuf-net v1, but with VS2010 support)
  • holding off (building VS packages is fiddly) and releasing the (hopefully not-very-far-away-at-all-honest-no-really) v2 with VS2010 support

It quickly became apparent that getting VS2010 support now was more important than getting the new shiny v2 bits, so without further ado protobuf-net (v1) with VS2010 support is now available on the project site.

As I say, building VS packages isn’t exactly something you want to do often (unless you do it routinely enough to have a highly polished and fully automated process), and I wasn’t 100% sure that the VS9 SDK API would work against VS10. Fortunately, it all went smoothly. Too smoothly! If you have your own custom packages, you may well find that simply duplicating your 9.0 hive changes into the 10.0 key does the job, giving you an installer that targets both IDEs.

On a v2 note; this really is getting there now; most of the core logic is implemented (although there is still a fair bit of testing to do), and it is looking very promising. I hope to be able to release something over the next few weeks.

You might guess (correctly) that I’m a bit peeved about the Apple shenanigans – but whichever way that plays out I’m content: protobuf-net v2 is quite simply a superior product to v1, and I’ve had lots of geek-fun (which is like regular fun, but harder to explain) learning the guts of IL; previously largely a read-only topic to me.

Any problems / feedback – please let me know.