Monday 20 October 2008


Blog.Write("Hello, World!")

Hello and welcome, existing and new friends alike...

About me

I'm a C#/.NET/TSQL/etc developer working for RM in Abingdon, UK. I'm also a keen community supporter, mainly in the C#/.NET arenas. Oh, and I spend a lot of time (probably too much time) dabbling with code ;-p

On Oct 1st, Microsoft decided to make me a Visual C# MVP, so it seemed timely to start blogging properly.

Back in the real world, I'm blessed with a fantastic wife, son, and another baby in the works.

About the blog

My plan is to use this blog for a dumping ground for bits'n'bobs - sharing knowledge, writing up ideas (hopefully some good), and just discussing various thoughts on development. If somebody out there reads it, even better ;-p

So, things like:

  • .NET/C# - general thoughts on the language and runtimes
  • System.ComponentModel - custom binding ahoy
  • LINQ - in various guises
  • Expression - the .NET 3.5 Swiss army API
  • protocol buffers, HyperDescriptor, Push LINQ or any of the other mini-projects I've contributed to
  • Anything else that takes my interest

So without further ado:

goto blog;