Thursday 23 September 2010

Other news…

Sorry if this is turning into a bit of a serialization fest; I do have other coding hobbies; simply this is the thing I’ve been spending my spare time on lately ;p

Silverlight WCF

It recently came to my attention that possibly Silverlight does now support the WCF extension points for swapping the serializer at runtime. Not via xml configuration, but via code configuration. Full details on Carlos’ Blog, but that is definitely an area I want to investigate – at least, if @abdullin will let me.

Interface serialization

Something a few people have asked for, and definitely not outside reach. In fact, Wallace Turner kindly donated a v1 patch to enable interface-based serialization. I’m keeping this “on ice” for now, simply to keep my main focus on finishing v2. But this exists and is certainly on the table for consideration.

Anyway, enough for now; the day job starts again in not-a-lot-of-hours…