Tuesday 12 June 2012

The question I was asked at DDD South West…

…about 20 times during and after my last presentation sessions had nothing to do with my content. I am choosing (hoping?) to believe that this is because I articulated myself so clearly and accurately.

No, the question everyone asked me was:

What was putting those method-end markers in the IDE?



Well, I didn’t want to mess around with my laptop too much at the event, as I had a re-run session later that day. The first rule of presenting: don’t mess around with your laptop just before you present!

But – I finally tracked it down; this is VSCommands “Enable Code Block End Tagger”. It comes with cute options too, for example: to only display the end tag when the start is not visible (which you can see above – no noise is added for the constructor or indexer, since you can see the start and end at the same time).

It’s a nice tool, and it has VS 2012 support already, apparently (I haven’t had time to test it). Heck, how many IDE tools do you know that have an option to display your stackoverflow reputation and recent activity? (this is not a joke). Or more importantly, has a tool to stop the annoying “drag/drop a file in solution explorer, when I clearly didn’t intend to totally and utterly shaft the solution” (they call it by a different name, but that’s what I would have called it).

(anti-disclosure; no I don’t get anything from them for saying that it is a good tool – it just is)