Tuesday 20 October 2009

Lots of 2010 Shiny, and me feeling stupid

Lots of changes are underway:

And because you'll want somewhere to play with beta 2:

In particular, beta 2 now includes the “Express” line-up, and TFS now supports installation on client OS and has a simplified install; maybe getting a CI server (on just the Microsoft stack) will soon be practical for the individual / small team.

Feeling stupid – moving files between guest and host

I’ve downloaded the new VS2010 line-up – onto my host OS; obviously, this is beta software with the potential for mayhem (or more likely: not be 100% uninstallable), so I want to install it on the guest. In case you haven’t tried Windows Virtual PC yet (perhaps you haven’t got Windows 7 yet), then note that it loses the Microsoft Virtual PC feature to drag files between host and guest. And my guest can only really see http (no local network). So how to get the files there?

I sat there looking silly… USB was an option (Windows Virtual PC can grab USB devices), but seemed overkill. It turns out that the answer is blindingly obvious. So obvious that it didn’t even occur to me to try it. Copy… Paste. D’oh! (this does need the integration features enabled, but that isn’t a problem).

So there you go; I’ll admit to being a muppet, and hopefully it’ll save somebody a few minutes wondering.