Wednesday 18 March 2009

Finguistics; behind the scenes

Back in January, I mentioned my involvement in Finguistics, the UK's first public surface exhibition.

As a small update, I'm happy to say that a short video covering both the project and the team's thoughts on the experience is now live (update; 2nd (similar) video here):

(the back of my head is top-right; in the middle is Dave Crawford, an ex-colleague of mine; on the left is Jim Allen)

I've also just noticed the typo in my name when it flashes up, but never mind... I had a preview, so it is my own fault for missing it.

In particular, I like Dave Crawford's insights on designing a surface application (from a user-experience perspective). You can also see Paul Tallett showing the dual-wielding mouse approach of surface development - it takes quite some getting used to!

If you are interested in surface development, you might also be interested in Dave Brown's development of the physics model beyond this project (part 1, part 2, part 3). Hopefully some of this work might make it back into the product at some point.

I should also note that while at the MVP Summit, the Sheraton hotel in Seattle has a number of surface devices in the lobby, which were proving very popular with the guests. No Finguistics, though ;-p