Friday, 20 February 2009

LINQ to SQL - not quite dead yet...

I've happily gone on-record to say that in their current form, I believe that LINQ to SQL is a more useful tool that Entity Framework. Obviously, with the planned road-map to prioritise the latter (hopefully back-filling with the missing features that shipped with LINQ to SQL), this puts me on a back foot - so no doubt at some point (in the 4.0 era) I'll need to re-check my position.

However, I was very happy to get a "connect" e-mail today, telling me that they've fixed a bug I reported in LINQ to SQL, and that it would ship with 4.0; conclusive proof that it isn't completely side-lined, and continues to be a supported product (albeit with a reduced development effort). The only downside is that this makes it much harder to know when to make the switch... but I won't begrudge Microsoft that.

For now, at least, I breath the contented sigh of the developer who knows that their data-access works today and (in theory) tomorrow.


Amr ElGarhy said...

thats good news to hear that they will ship it in the 4.0 version

Marc Gravell said...

Now if only they'll fix the designer so that it understands *all* of the possible dmbl settings (such as ConfigurationManager usage, base-classes for both data-context *and* entities, etc)