Monday 23 February 2009

Get busy in the community

Do you make use of the user-groups near you? No, not web-sites, but the real world? If not, perhaps you should? They are a fantastic opportunity both to get up to speed on technology with the help of experts, and for networking. And maybe think about speaking about your own areas of interest/expertise.

I normally pop along to NxtGenUG (Oxford), but with a new baby that has been a bit tricky lately, so I was surprised to see a new user group more local to me - So in the unlikely event that you live local to Gloucester, UK - why not pop along? I've also signed up to jump on the soap box in March, talking about the Expression API, which I plan to repeat at DDD South West.

Now; geography probably dictates that you can ignore all those links... but why not take the opportunity to double-check what groups might be near you? Go on... step outside into the daylight; it might not hurt ;-p