Wednesday 27 May 2009

Hectic Weeks, Charisma; and Trolling

(not much code here - if you're after a "fix", come back soon ;-p)

A busy week...

First, I somehow got elected as a community moderator on stackoverflow. In reality, this mainly means that I get more visibility of where people flag spam / etc. You can probably guess at some of the obvious trolls and other personalities that appear (hopefully briefly before being deleted). Fortunately, it isn't keeping me too busy! The main down-side is that I can no longer cast a regular "close this" vote; but that's OK.

I'm not sure whether I should feel guilty when I click the button to delete/destroy an account... even if there is clearly no doubt to "give the benefit of"; hmm - I must get over that ;-p
(this only applies to clear and indisputable spam/troll/puppet accounts, usually with no e-mail, etc)

Then on the weekend, I was at DDD South West; I'm afraid I bombed out of the balloon debate; I must concentrate less on specific details, and more on delivery/charisma (persuasion trumping fact in a debate). It was won for VB by Microsoft's Eric Nelson, who stepped in after the scheduled VB warrior had to drop out. I'll blame my defeat on his charms ;-p A fun diversion in a busy day.

I also presented a session on the Expression API in .NET 3.5 (and 4.0) - which was daunting (not least because my laptop was throwing a BSOD hourly until Friday). I don't think I did as good a job on this presentation as I have in the past, but it seemed to be received OK. The eval forms show that it is a bit of a divisive one, though - presumably because it is quite complex; either you "grok" it or you don't. But from some after-presentation conversations I know that it clicked with the people who come to talk to me , which is cool. I must make sure I describe it as a "deep dive" (or similar) if I do this one again...

Now I just need a few weeks quiet to catch up ;-p